Cathédrale d’Albi

Day 73, 17 September, post 2 mostly Albi Cathedral but also a ceramics and other crafts market
walked 23 km and past 1500km total! I walked from cagnac-les-mines to A field 8km past Albi ( check my website for exact place)
So many impressions again! I left Liliane ( in her big camper van) after a coffee so my tent could dry at 9.30 (she asked me not to share her picture)
Walked a newly installed path ( why do the outdoor architects of France like this very small gravel so much? It jumps into your shoes and makes holes in yours socks!) I met some very friendly people (and a dog called Oslo).
And then I walked into Albi and before I saw the Cathedral I treated myself to some lovely food! In the sun 🌞
( I’ve been wild camping so saving money!) Albi is very pretty, met some more people that are very curious and want to know everything, but they specially like my solar panel!
I love it though, being by myself and talking to people, It goes deeper straight away it seems, and I try not to say the same thing over and over.
I walked out of Albi after a coffee and filling my bottles and did almost 8km until I found the perfect field and I cooked! It get’s dark so quickly (20.30)
But I sat in the tent opening and enjoyed the fire and food, I even played my ukulele! And watched the stars.
Aaah lovely and then I phoned my girl for an hour!! Brilliant ❤️❤️❤️
#Thewalkinghomeproject #longdistancewalking

September 2022

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