Day 211, 3-2-‘23, 28.2km walked! From Los Molares to (near) Puerto Serrano.
What A day! I got going again at about 10, tent was dry, and the first part was along a path, but the pesticides had been used a lot! There where hardly any ‘weeds’ so sad to see,
there was mostly grass and olives.
But it was beautiful nonetheless, with the rolling hills, I didn’t see many people, I came across one small place, El Coronil, and although in my app it didn’t indicate any cafes, there were loads, I didn’t stop long for I wanted to get some distance done, tomorrow I’m meeting a friend who’s staying at his girlfriends and she works at a yoga retreat centre, curious!
It’s another long day tomorrow!
So I walked along the road for quite a while, It’s not Ideal but faster, I saw lots of rabbits and other small animals ( don’t know exactly what, too quick!
And I saw a big bird of prey, circeling above the fields.
I was a bit sad that nobody reacted to the fact that I won’t be able to enter Algeria on foot from Marocco…
Sometimes I wonder If people just look at the pictures…
So I don’t know yet how I’ll get to Algeria, nor what my route will be in Marocco, I would really like to do some kind of art/craft residency, where I can create my work and learn some new skills.
I’m sure everything will work out!
Does anybody have any connections in Tanger? I’ll be there soon!
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February 2023

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