Imouzzer Du Kandar, Fès, Morocco

Day 259, 22-3-23, 3,5km stumbled in Imouzzer a bit, but most of the day in Bed talking with a lot of people, a very sad day, feeling ill and sore,
My mother Willy van den Eerenbeemt passed away this morning…
She went peacefully, with my brother and sisters at her side ❤️
I’ve decided to go to her farewell and I am flying, against all my principals, but I need to be there!
Please plant trees!
My Mother was a strong woman, her way of expressing love was caring for people in a very human way, like a warm washcloth for a bellyache in a night shift at the hospital. She took great pride in being able to keep all balls in the air with 5 children ,2 jobs, often a dog, carnaval and all it’s creativity and social life.
And I’m proud to be her daughter!
I’ll do this in Dutch :

Mama ik ga je missen! Ik mis je al zo lang, nu ben je echt weg.
Ik hou van jou ❤️

( Mama I’ll miss you, I’ve been missing you for so long, now you have really left.
I love you).
I’m staying here one more night and tomorrow (24) I take public transport to Marrakesh and find a place to leave Arlette for a few days and then Fly out on the Sunday back on Wednesday morning
And after… we’ll see
The Funeral is Tuesday afternoon.

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March 2023

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