Day 497, 15-11-23, 23 km walked from Cersuta to near Capitello via Sapri
The walk from the hat car park in Sersuta to Sapri was so very beautiful! Spectacular! The colour of the sea the bends in the road the mountains and the clouds! Amazing
I took lots of pictures, but pictures don’t do the vastness and Beauty justice, but that’s all I can do!
I came through a small village and bought some fruit in a lock shop and asked if they had coffee, 2 elderly ladies, went home to get me some! So charming!
Just before Sapri I found a path which was lovely and si should have stopped there for the day, but I didn’t so I could eat something in Sapri, but Sapri was disappointing, I was a bit late for lunch and everything was closed, I found a pizza but it wasn’t very good. So I walked out and then didn’t find a suitable spot to stop for a long time..
finally in an abandoned caravan ( on my own mat and tent undersheet, I was asleep by 20.00!
I’ll be walking early! The ss18 splits in 2 and I can’t really stay close to the sea for a while, it will be interesting!
Rain tomorrow so I’ll try and find a nice spot where I can stay for a day
Different Ideas from different people, I’m confident that in Napoli I’ll find somebody/ somewhere, also looking for in Rome End January ( I want to cross on foot) so I might need several places!
Do I know anybody that knows anybody in Napoli? I’d love to stay a few days and work a bit on my art / or exchange/ or anything like that beginning of December, let me know
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November 2023

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