Day 573, 31-1-24, 20,1km walked from Parco Naturale di Veio to Capagnano di Roma via a beautiful little place called Cesano Borgo
The Day started out slow and very cold I cursed my heavy pack (poor Arlette, it’s not her fault that I keep collecting stuff).
But in the woods on the paths that the wild boars have uprooted, going up and down (very glad that no wild boars found me!, eerily quiet apart from the sounds of the river). And then I got to said river, it was very high! I looked at it and looked at the map, I was going to have to cross it more times…. So decided to head back to the road and take the cycling route!
Back out of the woods, (there were tears, with Arlette toppling over several times). back up that very long slope towards the road.
Had coffee and a vegan croissant!
And then a little bit along the big road, followed by empty tracks, I saw mimosa and lavender, birds. The weather was glorious again. (Frosty at night Sunny in the daytime).
I let the friend a friend know I wasn’t going to make it and booked a hostel! Yay! (Internet nor the gas is working but The hot water is!
This morning I had my usual muesli with a plant milk I bought, it said Gran gusto latte,100% plant based, it tasted very odd! The plant milk is very expensive here, up to €3,5 for a handful of oats of almonds and water!! Pff
This one turned to contain cellulose!
That’s what they use for making paper!
Another good thing that happend, one of my lost artworks got send back home!
So exiting, I send it from Sardinia I think the last day! Selma has just adopted another one hopefully that one gets to her place soon! And then she’ll choose!
So a good day! I did have to say my mantra though… I’m in the right place at the right time, all is well, good things happen! And so on ❤️
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February 2024

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