Day 585, 11-2-24, 14,6 km walked ( but hardly advanced!) what a day!
I had stopped raining but everything was wet! I wanted to walk to Montefiascone and then continue , but it was hard work!! Going up up up! I walked along the Via Cassia Antica, a real Roman road like I saw in Pompeii! But Man, hard work, I crawled forward, and when it started raining again I was really doubting about whether I was still having fun, when I finally got up to Montefiascone (a most wonderful view over the Lago di Bolsena)
I decided that I needed to recharge, and my powerbank too! So I had dinner in a lovely restaurant, I do like going out for dinner alone, something I would never have done before this trip! Lentil and walnut sauce with Linguini and pumpkin crème with homemade bread yum!
After I went for another coffee phoned my love, hoping he could help decide whether I’d go around the lake left or right.., there’s beautiful stuff to be seen both sides, And I seem to miss stuff by a hair all the time. It was lovely to talk to him but no decision was made except I decided to find a place to stay via Booking, I had a bath! Cooked pasta (also for today) and threw out some of my collected rubbish, found a box and filled it with stuff to send home! 4,5kilo!
And finished my last piece (I didn’t send home) I call it ‘Plastic lips’ an ode to all the Italian ladies that have had their lips done, not realising that the only thing that gets prettier is the surgeon’s bank account.
Umbrella, Christmas deco, aluminium, metal wood plastic and embroidery thread.
I’ve just taken the box to the post office and still haven’t decided although the thought of going back up that hill and down the other side….
Hmm more coffee..
Meanwhile my children are all in Oeteldonk celebrating carnaval! ❤️🤍💛
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February 2024

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