Day 591, 17-2-24, 15,9 km walked.
From Bagno Vignoni to Torreneiri via San Quirico d’orsia.
The day started slow Arfter that beautiful food the day before having found a spot in the dark I couldn’t be motivated to leave my lovely warm bed with amazing views…
When I did finally leave it was too late to go back into the village for a bath in the thermal baths
And I started walking up up up an enormous slope seemingly without an end! I did meet a lovely lady who had her workspace in a beautiful place, she makes kimono like vests with recycled materials, very good stuff! And she made me some coffee too! Thanks Gloria!
I arrived in San Quirico and wanted to go to the supermarket, closed between 13.00-16.00 so I visited the town centre with a beautiful church instead
A man saw me and Arlette and invited me to stay with him in the next village so I walked there, made it in time for the supermarket there.
Staying with this man was ok because I was very clear that I didn’t seek anything else.
But he was very patronising, squeezing my cheeks saying how pretty I was…
I felt a little annoyed, not in danger but pissed off to be treated like a child. ( and even, I wouldn’t treat a child like that!)
Anyway I slept well (on my own mat plus sleeping bag) (lots of dreams)
He left at 6 in the morning, I got up showered and made sure to be gone by the time he came back.

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February 2024

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